MELT D/FW brings the amazing benefits of MELT® Method Classes to the corporate world in the greater North Texas Metroplex (Dallas Fort Worth). Adding 10 minutes of MELT techniques 3 times a week can help reduce chronic pain, making the employees’ time at work less stressful and more productive. MELTing can be done at your desk, in the break room or at home  – virtually anywhere.

Wanda F. Bonder has more than 25 years corporate training experience for numerous industries in many topics. We understand the day to day impact of sitting or standing for long periods of time, lifting or reaching, and other repetitive tasks. MELTing offers relief for these challenges and many other benefits. MELT is quick, easy to learn, and becomes a lifelong self-care skill which you will be grateful to have at your disposal.

MELT D/FW classes are delivered in a safe space. Participants are gently encouraged and empowered to face the chronic pain which they have been living with as “normal” for way too long.

Our introductory 6-week series (1 hour per week) is designed to:

  • Demonstrate the MELT Hand & Foot techniques.
  • Give coaching and individualized feedback to master and integrate MELT into daily routines.
  • Include a robust kit of supplies and reference materials.

MELT D/FW understands the corporate need for programs to be proactive, efficient, purposeful and value-added. We will work with you to determine the ideal schedule, environment and support needed to bring a unique wellness tool set.

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