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Wanda F. Bonder, Certified MELT Instructor

I am no stranger to pain! Are any of us, really? I have had 5 major abdominal surgeries, three minor and five rounds of IVF. I provided corporate technical training to fortune 500 companies in the US, Canada and China for over 30 years. Standing on my feet in corporate footwear for women on cement factory floors caused so much pain it literally hurt to put my feet on the floor first thing in the morning!

After more than a decade with a variety of health issues and challenges, I became motivated to be healthier. I started where most of us do – I focused on slowly cleaning up my diet. I began to exercise; or should I say “attempted” exercise? Like so many of us I became frustrated with minimal physical improvements and more pain.

I got serious when I began my study of all things wellness and natural. I looked beyond the “diet and exercise” prescription and was open to other modalities. I became a certified yoga teacher in 2011 and continued studying advanced topics such as Ayurveda, essential oils, and the impacts of chemicals in my environment.

Then I became a certified MELT instructor in 2018. I feel healthier than ever. I have significantly reduced pain in my lower back and in my thumbs and reduced the frequency of headaches from daily to hardly ever.  I have learned how to pay attention to pre-pain signals and address issues before they become painful.  MELT has changed my life significantly and I am honored to have the ability to bring these techniques to D/FW.

From the beginning days of my corporate training career, I enjoyed teaching complicated concepts and skills which people found intimidating and were nervous to try. Choosing to get out of pain, regardless of its cause, take a lot of courage. Being open to something new with the hope of relief can be scary. I understand! I have been there, I promise a safe space to explore and learn techniques based on science and research to help reduce chronic pain and improve your overall health.