After eight short sessions my neck was PAIN FREE

Eighteen months ago, I had four cervical vertebrae partially cut away and fused to make room for my spinal cord. The surgery was followed by a year of physical therapy to resolve an episode of palsy brought on by nerve damage during surgery. The palsy immobilized my right arm. I also experienced significant pain in my neck and upper back. My palsy episode was “cured” in three months. But I could not turn my head without feeling pain and “hearing” the crunch of bones until just recently.
Six weeks ago, I met Wanda Bonder. She listened to me and suggested I try the MELT program. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I began a twice-a-week regimen with her. After eight short sessions my neck was PAIN FREE. Today I can once again turn my head and look over each shoulder. A side benefit is that I no longer experience lower back pain when I drive for an hour or more. My pain induced stress has melted away. MELT WORKED for me.
MELT works and so does Wanda. Her focus on my needs was reassuring. Her individual attention was evident. And all that took place in a class with ten people she was leading.
If reducing discomfort and relieving stress and/or pain are important to you and your team, give MELT and Wanda a try.
~ Rich S, PhD and adjunct instructor in leadership communication at TCU