Feeling better than I have in five years. Best therapy and management ever.

5 years ago I developed a low back pain which eventually lead to hip pain and nerve pain going down my legs. This has been a constant pain. In the past five years I have had 5 MRI’s, numerous X-Rays, 3 complete phases of pain management (12 shots in the back over 3 years), physical therapy 2 different times. I have been on different pain and nerve medication three times daily.

6 weeks ago I got into a MELT Hand & Foot Series class that Wanda was teaching. I listened to what she had to say about what you would get out of it. Even after that I was still skeptical that it would work because nothing else had in 5 years. I am no longer skeptical because it has worked. Five weeks into a six week lesson following Wanda’s directions my pain level has decreased by 80% and I have cut the pain medication by 1/3. I am sleeping better and longer (getting rest) and feeling better than I have in five years. I starting to do things I haven’t done in a few years. It is worth the 10 minutes a day you invest into doing MELT.  Thank you Wanda for your encouragement and time. Best therapy and management ever.  ~ David B., Aerospace Maintenance Technician at Dallas Airmotive