The benefits … far exceeds the costs.

I highly recommend MELT DFW for your business.  Our law firm deals with stressful situations on a daily basis and I noticed our attorneys and staff were showing the signs of pain and fatigue.  After studying the MELT method for over a year, I brought Wanda into the office to help us learn how to alleviate the stress in our bodies, even though we can’t eliminate the stress of our jobs.  For a short period of time every week, the phones are turned off; the doors are locked; and the lights are dimmed in the entire building.  Yoga mats are spread throughout offices, hallways, and conference rooms and Wanda leads us through the MELT program.  
Since we started using Wanda, I have noticed a positive change in every employee of our firm.  The benefits we experience as a result of our MELT sessions far exceeds the costs.  ~ Lex J., Managing Partner at Johnston & Fitch