• After eight short sessions my neck was PAIN FREE

    Eighteen months ago, I had four cervical vertebrae partially cut away and fused to make room for my spinal cord. The surgery was followed by a year of physical therapy to resolve an episode of palsy brought on by nerve damage during surgery. The palsy immobilized my right arm. I also experienced significant pain in my neck and upper back. My palsy episode was “cured” in three months. But I could not turn my head without feeling pain and “hearing” the crunch of bones until just recently.
    Six weeks ago, I met Wanda Bonder. She listened to me and suggested I try the MELT program. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I began a twice-a-week regimen with her. After eight short sessions my neck was PAIN FREE. Today I can once again turn my head and look over each shoulder. A side benefit is that I no longer experience lower back pain when I drive for an hour or more. My pain induced stress has melted away. MELT WORKED for me.
    MELT works and so does Wanda. Her focus on my needs was reassuring. Her individual attention was evident. And all that took place in a class with ten people she was leading.
    If reducing discomfort and relieving stress and/or pain are important to you and your team, give MELT and Wanda a try.
    ~ Rich S, PhD and adjunct instructor in leadership communication at TCU

  • The benefits … far exceeds the costs.

    I highly recommend MELT DFW for your business.  Our law firm deals with stressful situations on a daily basis and I noticed our attorneys and staff were showing the signs of pain and fatigue.  After studying the MELT method for over a year, I brought Wanda into the office to help us learn how to alleviate the stress in our bodies, even though we can’t eliminate the stress of our jobs.  For a short period of time every week, the phones are turned off; the doors are locked; and the lights are dimmed in the entire building.  Yoga mats are spread throughout offices, hallways, and conference rooms and Wanda leads us through the MELT program.  
    Since we started using Wanda, I have noticed a positive change in every employee of our firm.  The benefits we experience as a result of our MELT sessions far exceeds the costs.  ~ Lex J., Managing Partner at Johnston & Fitch

  • A short session can help ease tension

    Wanda comes to our office once a week and we shut everything down so the entire staff can MELT. Everyone looks forward to MELT because we all know how much a short session can help ease tension and improve our moods. I highly recommend Wanda to anyone who works in an office setting where people sit at a desk all day or to folks who have highly stressful jobs. ~ Cindy F., Law Partner at Johnston & Fitch

  • Feeling better than I have in five years. Best therapy and management ever.

    5 years ago I developed a low back pain which eventually lead to hip pain and nerve pain going down my legs. This has been a constant pain. In the past five years I have had 5 MRI’s, numerous X-Rays, 3 complete phases of pain management (12 shots in the back over 3 years), physical therapy 2 different times. I have been on different pain and nerve medication three times daily.

    6 weeks ago I got into a MELT Hand & Foot Series class that Wanda was teaching. I listened to what she had to say about what you would get out of it. Even after that I was still skeptical that it would work because nothing else had in 5 years. I am no longer skeptical because it has worked. Five weeks into a six week lesson following Wanda’s directions my pain level has decreased by 80% and I have cut the pain medication by 1/3. I am sleeping better and longer (getting rest) and feeling better than I have in five years. I starting to do things I haven’t done in a few years. It is worth the 10 minutes a day you invest into doing MELT.  Thank you Wanda for your encouragement and time. Best therapy and management ever.  ~ David B., Aerospace Maintenance Technician at Dallas Airmotive